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11/12/16 12:24 PM #289    

Al Berry

Hi Bob,

Good luck on the hip surgery -- if it goes as easily as my knee it should be a breeze.

In Florida now for the winter but wil be back the 19th of Dec.till the 28th. if some kinda meeting can take place then,I'm in.

Take care,

Al Berry

11/13/16 03:29 PM #290    


Len Jacobs

Good luck Mr.Bob.Hope all goes well.

11/13/16 05:03 PM #291    


Doug Vagts

Reading all the current messages I see where many of us are into  replacement body parts and thank goodness this has come so far in the last five years. Joyce and I yesterday attended a seminar on hip and knee replacements. These procedures are done iwith the help of robotics here in Hartford, Ct. On Moday I will be scheduling my knee. I'm not sure if you classify this as a sign of the times or not. Not looking forward but need to eliminate the pain. Wishing well to all fellow classmates in the same situation. Doug 

11/14/16 07:30 PM #292    


Doug Vagts

Dwight, I think the lHs student at that home was John Urquart not sure about spelling

11/17/16 09:38 AM #293    


Bob Wiczorek

Al and anyone else interested.  I suggest that we meet on Wednesday Dec. 21 at the Blue Goose at noon.  In spite of my last confusing post, Wed 12/21 will be next the regular Lakeview graduate lunch (ROMEO) so there will be quite a few guys there.  A couple from our class as well as from many other classes.  Bernie and I will be there so let us know what you think. 

11/18/16 09:04 PM #294    


Tom Diliberti

I'm in. What time is the noon meeting?

12/17/16 04:14 PM #295    


Rebecca Beehler (Moore)

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.  


12/27/16 10:42 AM #296    


Tom Diliberti

No! No! No! Gerry. Who do you think your are? Joe Rogan??

06/14/17 02:03 PM #297    


John Switchulis

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! This gettin old stuff ain't for sissies, if I knew I would have lived this long, I would have taken better care of myself. Sorry I haven't kept up the frivolity on this website-no excuses-I'll crawl back under my rock after this post. Still living in Canadian Lakes and get back to the Shores only once in a while, and just long enough to get my heart rate and blood pressure to the boiling pointe. The pace in CL is just great for people our age.I'll add to the injury reports-left ankle rebuilt (pins-plates-screws), both knees total replacements and both shouders replaced-going in the 27th to get my right shoulder done(a reverse replacement) when I pass there will be enough metal in me to make a car!! The security at the airport have a great time with me after I pass thru the arch. Went back thru the posts to catch up-will pray for all my classmates that are hurting physically and mentally. Glad to hear of everyones travels-I journey to Mt Pleasant to visit the Soaring Eagle Casino-I have probably funded college tuition for a couple of kids on the reservation!! I will make an effort to check in weekly?? Gerald, still stirring the mush-I love it!!

06/25/17 12:24 PM #298    


Tom Diliberti


Hey! Look at my great garage sale find!


08/11/17 02:05 PM #299    


Len Jacobs

If I am the musteerer there will be no gathering this year.

08/17/17 02:07 PM #300    


Len Jacobs

Tomorrow is the birthday of three of our classmates.Ann Skinner,Mary Krentz,my first love,and Marge Mazurek.Happy Birthday"girls",all three,have a great day.

08/20/17 08:49 PM #301    


Tom Diliberti

Hey Gerry,

Thanks for trying to keep the LHS spirit alive. It's a lonely job. Not easy.

I snuck into the cruise early on Friday before the crush. Awsome. Had the famous HHH burger which is nothing more than our Travis burger.  Both give me heartburn for two days.



08/20/17 10:05 PM #302    

Penny Reade (Macaulay)

Tom, You came to Woodward, pined for a hamburger and went someplace other than the Red Coat Inn?  You were that | | close to the #1 place to buy a hamburger in Detroit.  So sad.crying


08/22/17 05:03 PM #303    


Tom Diliberti

Next time.

08/28/17 07:47 AM #304    


Doug Vagts

Chuck, great shots of the eclipse. Photo class at LHS paid big dividends? LOL Doug 

10/12/17 05:17 PM #305    


Len Jacobs

Trying to find Shirley Culotta,any help will be awesome!Thanks in advance.

10/13/17 11:14 AM #306    

Chuck Dildine

i saw her at the funeral home visitation of mutual friend we knew  because we worked in th e same school system. she must still be living in the st.clair shores area. not sure where. chuck

10/13/17 01:17 PM #307    


Tom Diliberti

Shirley was on our system about a month ago so she is/was active. Did you try to message her directly?

10/13/17 04:41 PM #308    


Len Jacobs

Not sure how to direct message her.Thanks Tom and Chuck.

10/14/17 07:45 PM #309    


Tom Diliberti


Go to Home page, click on Classmate Profile, then click on Shirley's name. From there you can click on Send a Private Message or post a public message that everyone can see.

Let me know if you have questions.


General Message: Does anyone else have a specific question on how the website works? Please post here. Or send me a privavate message. Would it help to have a series of tutorials? What topics?


10/14/17 09:37 PM #310    


Len Jacobs

She has been found.Out of town for a bit.We talked on the phone.Thanks for all the help.

11/17/17 10:03 AM #311    


Rick Srigley

Anybody going to the Blue Goose today? I am in town and thought I'd stop in.

Rick Srigley

11/27/17 12:38 PM #312    


Tom Diliberti

Gerry. Too much Wild Turkey this past weekend?

12/29/17 03:17 PM #313    


Diane Young (Jacobs)

Just a note to inform you that Joann Lenders (Doyle) died yesterday. Ruth Sandora notified me and asked me to post it as she was having a problem. She died in Midland. 

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